Although there are no exact ways to tell chemical free veggies from the conventional ones but there are certain properties that can help in making the decision.
Size - Natural veggies come in different shapes and sizes while conventional ones have a regular size
Lustre - Natural veggies don't have shiny appearance like their counterparts.
Cooking - Natural veggies are softer than conventional ones and cook in less than half the time.
Aroma - The aroma of chemical free veggies is much potent and stronger.
Taste - Natural veggies are juicier as they are allowed to be ripened for a longer duration on plant.

Sadly pesticide abuse is the reality of our country. Farmers in their race to earn more profit end up with incessant use of chemicals. The World Health Organisation (WHO) had recently issued an advisory to the Government of India stating that if adulteration is not checked immediately, 87 per cent of citizens would be suffering from serious diseases like cancer by the year 2025. So, with GoPlow it is our honest commitment to ease the access of chemical free vegetables in the market. Also, with an added advantage of increased cashflow for farmers.

Veggies can be directly ordered through our app (available for both IOS and android) as well as by directly calling our customer care executive on the provided phone numbers.

Yes. Veggies arrive at your doorstep at the designated time and day of the week.

Yes. Every week GoPlowers are provided with the list of available veggies based on which they can furthur decide their order.

Through our app based platform

Yes. Special requests can be placed with us and we can take the desired action.

Good health is one of the most important corner stone of GoPlow concept and we believe in the natural cycle of veggies. Every season you are provided with around 20-25 seasonal varieties of vegetables to choose from.

Primarily there are two packages. Farm Delight (8kgs of veggies/week for INR 2500) for a family of two and Farm extravaganza (16kgs of veggies/week for INR 4000) for a larger family.

Yes. Payments can made half yearly as well as half yearly. The discount keeps on changing and relevant details will have to be availed from our customer care executive.

We strongly believe in quality delivery and rotten veggies are immediately replaced.

As fresh as they can get. Vegetables are delivered the same day they are plucked from their respective plants,