Samrat Singh Chauhan (Founder)

Samrat is an IIT Kharangpur alumnus with around -15 years of experiance. During his tenure in deloitte, Samrat has worked in various countries including Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Thailand. After successfully leading his previous venture in edteck for 4 years to a profitable stage and garnering overseas funding, Samrat had his calling from Agri-tech [GoPlow]. He is passionate about picking up raw business ideas and shiping them into profitable organizations solving problems at grass root level. He is also a part of the lkeading team of Eklavya Underprivileged Welfare and Education Trust and leads the tachnology and Hiring function of the NGO.

Ritika Sorot Chauhan (Farm Tech lead)

An M.tech (VLSI)amd a proud mother of two kids, Ritika had been a successful engg. professor for the last 7 years. Seeing the rampant misuse of pesticides in farming she got concerned about its ramifications and how it can badly affect her family like others.Thus, She took on the concept of GoPlow and ensures that right methods are employed at the farm and veggies that are sent home are 100% chemical free.

Sushil Kumar

A graduate engineer from National institute of technology. Kurukshetra with an MBA from France's prestigious Ecole Nationale des ponts et chausse'es (ENPC), Mr Kumar has over 30 years of rich international experience in Business development, Strategy, Project and Contract Management under Bilateral and Multi-Lateral Financial Institutions across Asia, Africa, Middle east,Europe, North and South America. Widely travelled to over 52 countries across the globe. Mr Kumar brings in an international perspective and cross-cultural dimension to GoPlow businessto have wider benevolent socio-economic impact across societies.

Dr Naveen Dutt

An MD in Pulmonary Medicine from Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, Dr Naveen have been academics in different Medical Colleges pan India..Also, he has been doing all modern investigation and interventions like airway stenting.Thoracoscopy,EBUS etc.With AIIMS, Jodhpur since last five years. Dr.Naveen have been quite vocal about the necessity of making healthy food choices and thus offers an unrelenting support for tje cause GoPlow is working towards.

Hemant Sorot(Marketing and Branding lead)

Another cliche engineer turned advertising professinal. Hemant did mass comm form SIMC, Pune in 2015 and had been involved in various campaigns with Reiiance and several other ad houses over his two year period in the industry. Finding resonance with the idea of GoPlow, he now aims of doing his bit for environment and healthy eating culture of the society as a whole.

Rachna Prashant (Customer Relations lead)

After working in various organisations like Versatile Consulting (UAE,Dubai) and Genius Corner (Delhi),Rachna has amassed a fine acumen for marketing and building healthy customer relations. Her rich multi-national experience is helpful in understanding the pulse of the customer and provide profound solutions.Adventurous by nature, Rachna has travelled in more than 5 countries and knows how to establish trust between the company and its clients.

Rashamdeep Singh(Operations lead)

Engineer by education and the man behind our excellent photographs, Rashamdeep is the backbone of our smooth delivery process. His quick decision making and excellent logitic management ensures that the veggies are conveniently home delivered at your doorstep and leave a happy you!