Power Integrity Station Bundles - PWRSSA


  • Enables Power Integrity Testing
  • Supports EMI/EMC Testing
  • Supports Power Distribution Network Assessment
  • Directly Measure Low Level Noise Density
  • Identify Active and Potential Jitter Sources


  • 1-Port 1 GHz 50 ohm Transmission Line PDN Probe
  • High Performance Cable and Connector Kit
  • Power Integrity Training: VRTS3 Kit and Power Integrity Book
  • EMI Probes and J2180A Amplifier
  • J2150A Harmonic Comb Injector

Getting the Most Out of Your E5052A/B and N9020A Signal Analyzers

Model Description Price  
PWRSSA Power Integrity Bundle for the Keysight N9020A or E5052A/B (Regularly $6,772)
J2113A J2113A Semi-Floating Differential Amplifier
PWR5061B Includes Description Individual Price  
P2100A 1 Port 50 ohm Transmission Line PDN Probe, Accessory Kit, One P2130A DC Blocker
PCK01 High Performance Cable and Connector Kit
TRN001 VRTS3 Distributed System Demo Board, Power Integrity Text Book
EMIB01 EMI Probes / J2180A Amplifier Bundle
J2150A Harmonic Comb Injector

The Picotest Power Integrity SSA Bundle includes all of the accessories you need to super charge your spectrum analyzer supporting EMI/EMC assessment and troubleshooting, jitter source sensitivity and spur identification as well as direct noise and noise density measurement.

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