DTBK01 Decoupling Test Board Kit


  • High Performance, High Quality, Passive Component and Decoupling Characterization Test Boards
  • Reference Test Board
  • Ceramic, Tantalum, Inductors
  • Touchstone Files
  • SPICE and EM Models
  • S-parameter s2p Files
  • Board De-embed Files
  • ADS Optimization Workspaces
  • Allows Extraction of Capacitor Mounting Parasitics
  • Supports PDN and PI Simulation
  • Videos and Instructions on Testing and Modeling Decoupling
  • Supports 1-Port, 2-Port, and 2-Port Extended Measurements

Kit Includes:
One each of seventeen (17) test boards in the following sizes:
0201, 0204, 0402, 0402-TEE, 0402-XZY, 0603, 0603-TEE, 0612, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2512, 7343, 49470, 5mm, 8mm, SOL-Calibrator
Plastic Storage Box

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DTBK01 Decoupling Test Board Kit

Accurate component models are essential to getting useful simulation results. Vendors often leave out the measurement details and so the results might not be what you expect.

These calibrated boards can be used to measure your own components, such as resistors, inductors and capacitors in order to obtain high quality, accurate data for your simulations. The component mounts include high quality standard SMA connectors and support 1 port and 2 port impedance measurements.

The boards come unpopulated, ready for your components to be mounted. The kit includes a variety of test board sizes as noted below, supporting commonly used component package sizes. De-embed files are included are available in three formats, s1p, s2p and CTI. The boards can also be de-embedded using full fixture compensation or impedance calibration available in many popular VNA’s.

Decoupling Test Board Images

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