FRA Bundle - Tektronix


  • Provides the essential support for Bode Plots and PSRR Measurement on Tektronix 6 Series Scopes
  • Works with the Tektronix 5-PWR or 6-PWR software
  • J2100A enables Bode Plots; without an injection transformer you cannot break the control loop and therefore cannot make the measurement
    • 5MHz high enough for most power supplies - 23 Octave range - Low distortion - 5 Ohm termination, minimum loop impact
  • J2120A enables PSRR measurements; allows you to combine the ripple signal with the power rail voltage for injection into the DUT
    • 10Hz-10MHz usable bandwidth - Low loss design - 5 Amps maximum current - 50VDC max input
  • Optional: J2110A Solid State Injector is also available for improved frequency response and lower noise, DC-45MHz

What's included:
J2100A Injection Transformer 1Hz - 5MHz
J2120A Line Injector
Injector User Manual
1 Year Warranty

More Information :
Solution Brochure 1 – FRA Bundle for Tektronix 6 Series
Solution Brochure 2 – Measure Bode Plots with Tektronix 6 Series
Solution Brochure 3 – Measure PSRR with Tektronix 6 Series

Model Description Price  
FRABTEK Bundle including the J2100A Injection Transformer and J2120A Line Injector
FRAB1P5 Bundle including the J2100A Injection Transformer, J2120A Line Injector and VRTS1.5 Demo Board
Optional: J2110A Solid-State Injection Transformer and Line Injector

The Picotest FRA Bundle for the Tektronix 6 Series includes both of the injectors you need to take full advantage of the Tektronix 5-PWR or 6-PWR software capability. It allows Bode Plot/Stability and power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) measurements to be made.

Breaking the loop is an essential aspect of the Bode Plot based stability measurement. The J2100A allows you to accomplish this in order to inject the stimulus signal from the Tektronix oscilloscope. With a bandwidth of 1Hz - 5MHz, the J2100A covers most power supply applications. The J2101A is available for applications in the 10Hz to 45MHz range. For applications requiring lower or higher bandwidths the optional J2110A solid state injector provides works as DC to well over 100MHz

For more information on Bode Plots please see the Solution Brochure #2 listed above.

While the injection transformer is a very wideband adapter, it is not useful for measuring ripple rejection (PSRR) of a power supply or even an opamp. This is because the attributes that make the injection transformer perform so well also result in a transformer that is intolerant of DC current. Even very small DC currents (5mA or less) can greatly reduce the signal capacity or even totally saturate the transformer. For this reason, the Picotest line injector (J2120A) is another essential test adapter. The J2120A line injector allows the input DC supply voltage to be modulated by the network analyzer source signal, as in the case of a PSRR measurement. The line injector must be capable of a frequency range well below the AC line frequency and at least above the control loop bandwidth of the circuit being tested. For more information on using the J2120A and performing PSRR measurements please see the J2120A page and our PSRR Solution Page.

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