J2150A USB Harmonic Comb Injector


  • Quickly identify power supply related issues
  • Multiple modes include time and frequency jitter
  • Wideband harmonic comb spans 1kHz-1GHz+
  • Great for clock power supply EMI spectrum testing
  • Cable Testing
  • USB powered Signal Generator includes Impulse and Square
  • Wave Outputs
  • Ultraportable USB stick design

What's included:

USB Harmonic Comb Injector
One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Using the Harmonic Comb Injector

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The USB Harmonic Comb Injector is a fast, easy-to-use, ultra-portable signal generator for interrogating your PDN to identify noise sensitivities.

It is used for step load, EMI, and clock jitter testing.

Plugging the injector into a USB slot initially puts it into Mode 1. There are five (5) modes of operation. The mode can be selected by pressing the tactile push button. The pushbutton is sampled approximately once per second, so the button must be held for approximately 1 second for each mode increment/transition.

The injector supports 1kHz Impulse, 100kHz Impulse, 8MHz Impulse, and 10kHz Square wave outputs. Mode 1 repeatedly auto-cycles through the three impulse modes. Each impulse mode includes time and frequency jitter.

The output is DC coupled so that the signal can also be used to modulate various Picotest voltage and current injectors. A separate P2130A DC blocker can be used to AC couple the output. The output voltage is 5V out into a high impedance termination, 2.5V into 50 ohms.

Three LEDs: red, yellow, and green indicate the mode the key is in.

Output pulse rise/fall time (470ps/270ps).
Mode Description Red Yellow Green Notes
1 Stepped (through modes 2-4) x x x 300ms per mode
2 1kHz Impulse x     Freq and Width Dither
3 100kHz Impulse   x   Freq and Width Dither
4 8MHz Impulse     x Freq and Width Dither
5 10kHz Square wave x x    


  • -13dBm typical 1kHz and 100kHz
  • -17dBm typical 8MHz
  • 10kHz square wave 13dBm, typical Duty cycle 50% typical
  • DC coupled 0 to +2.5V pulse into 50Ohms
  • Typical rise/fall time 470ps/270ps
  • Absolute Maximum Voltage < 50VAC and 75VDC

Caution: To avoid equipment damage and/or severe injuries or death ensure that the absolute maximum ratings are observed and not exceeded at all times.

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