Power Supply Testing and Measurement Workshop (2-day)

Presented by Steve Sandler, award-winning author, engineer and innovator in the field of Power Integrity

Course Overview

In this detailed workshop, you will learn how to perform all the necessary measurements to ensure reliable operation of your power supplies. By introducing new measurement methods like the Non-invasive Stability Margin (NISM), we show how to measure the performance parameters of power circuits in their working environment. In addition, you will learn about real life measurement challenges and best practices to master them. The course includes an introduction to the correct measurement of all the important power supply parameters.

Workshop Schedule

Location Dates Price Register
TBD TBD $1,500 USD Currently Closed
TBD TBD $1,500 USD Currently Closed

* Note: Location is TBD and will be confirmed shortly.

What You Will Learn

  • No access to the feedback loop? No problem! By Output Impedance, you can determine the stability of any regulator; even those without feedback.
  • Are my Bode plots correct? Not always, but this workshop shows you how to master gain and phase margin testing and how to predict control loop stability.
  • You need more bandwidth than you think! Sometimes instabilities of power supplies arise at frequencies you never planned to look at. By analyzing a simple LDO, we will demonstrate how important bandwidth is and what types of instruments can support your applications.
  • Can PSRR and reverse transfer be measured? Yes, these can be measured and yes, these are important parameters you should look at when working in systems where one supply voltage feeds several DC/DC converters


  • Learn how to make accurate and high fidelity measurements with confidence
  • Learn about all the key measurements necessary to test your power systems
  • Gain confidence in your test procedures; Learn which test is the right one to perform
  • Learn about equipment and test setup limitations and how to address them
  • Learn how to spot bad test data whether from manufacturers or from your own measurements

Hands-On Measurements

  • Impedance – Output, 1-Port, 2-Port, Impedance Adapters
  • Stability – Traditional Bode and Non-Invasive
  • Step Loading and Transient Excursions
  • PSRR, Ripple, and Noise
  • Dealing with High Speed Edges
  • EMI and Troubleshooting with Near Field Probes

Test equipment will be provided for the hands-on portion of the class. Includes Oscilloscopes, VNAs, Spectrum Analyzers, EMI and PDN probes, and other support instruments. VRTS3 Boards, Flat Impedance Boards, and Decoupling Kits will also be made available for class usage.

Target Audience: Anyone involved with designing or utilizing power systems, anyone using or designing voltage regulators, linear or switching. Attendee should be an electrical or test engineer.

Class Materials
  • Text Book – “Power Integrity – Measuring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Power Systems” (334 pages, $99 Value)
  • Class Notes and Slides
  • Hands-On Lab Exercises

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